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2023 High School Winter Camp - Featured AI Programming

Since the implementation of the 108 Curriculum Guidelines, in addition to the subjects tested in the college entrance exams, there is now the inclusion of "learning process" as an indicator for university applications. This allows students to assess their personal inclinations and future directions through their learning experiences, serving as a basis for choosing future academic paths. The Ministry of Education promotes the learning process because it aims to encourage students not only to focus on academic studies but also to participate in extracurricular activities such as external competitions, volunteering, obtaining certifications, academic learning, summer camps, and winter camps.

As the holidays approach, we have compiled a list of AI-themed camp activities offered by prestigious universities, including camps at National Taiwan University, National Tsing Hua University, National Chiao Tung University, and more. Additionally, we have included online Python learning courses. These opportunities allow junior and senior high school students to not only experience practical applications in various academic fields during the holidays but also to make new friends and enrich their holiday experiences through these activities.

2023 High School AI Programming Camp - Early Bird Discount

There are countless camp programs in Taiwan, catering to children with different interests and inclinations. Here, we recommend a variety of AI-themed camps as a quick reference for those interested in artificial intelligence.

2023 Winter AI Medical Project Implementation Camp

Taught by the MeDA Lab research team from National Taiwan University (led by Professor Wang Weizhong), physicians, and AI experts, this camp delves into the analysis and application of medical imaging and big data. Participants gain insights into how big data and AI will impact the future of healthcare in Taiwan.

The program includes expert-led sessions and a hackathon competition where participants can showcase their creativity, logical thinking, and collaborative teamwork to create their own AI healthcare projects.

  • Camp Focus:

  • Fundamental knowledge of artificial intelligence

  • Practical applications of AI in medicine

  • AI model training

  • Programming implementation

  • AI healthcare project competition

  • Suitable for ages: 15-19 (Junior high school third grade, high school, and college freshmen)

Supported by the Precision Sports Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Professor Yi Chih-Wei's team from the Department of Computer Science at Yang Ming Chiao Tung University will lead participants in exploring the practical applications of AI in sports events. This includes data collection systems, simulating the skills of top players with an intelligent serving machine, and analyzing player positioning and landing points. During the course, participants will have the opportunity to experience the operation of AI serving machines, real-time sports body recognition, player positioning analysis, and shuttlecock landing point analysis on the badminton court. The program concludes with group collaboration to collectively complete a sports project.

  • Camp Focus:

  • Fundamental knowledge of artificial intelligence

  • AI model training implementation

  • AI badminton court experience

  • AI sports project competition

  • Led by Professor Su Li from Academia Sinica's research team, Professor Lin Yijun, the director of the AI Orchestra at National Tsing Hua University, and the Forgetful Technology team, participants will enter the world of AI music. They will gain insights into technologies such as AI automatic scoring, automatic accompaniment, and virtual musicianship. The program includes the appreciation of chamber music performed in collaboration with AI. In the final stages of the course, experts will guide participants in operating Vtuber creation tools and AI music compilation, enabling them to create their own Vtuber virtual personas for performances.

  • Basic knowledge of artificial intelligence

  • Implementation of automatic scoring and chord generation

  • Experience in chamber music ensemble

  • Creation of Vtuber and personalized music

  • Python Online Course: $1,200 - No time limit

  • Python Data Science Course: $2,000 - No time limit

  • Machine Learning Course: $2,000 - No time limit

  • AI Visual Recognition Course: $2,000 - No time limit

1. Record Your Learning Journey

Participating in camps or online courses allows you to document your learning journey, and this is not just about earning extra points. Therefore, it's not about joining a multitude of camps; instead, it is recommended to focus on camps related to your future development. For example, if you aspire to become a doctor and aim to enroll in a medical school, having participated in a medical camp at a prestigious university during high school, and being able to express your motivations and experiences coherently, is convincing!

2. Clarify Your Interest in the Field and Identify Your Life Direction

As mentioned earlier, brief camp experiences can help confirm whether you truly enjoy a particular field. If you determine that it's not the direction you want to pursue, that's okay; at least you've avoided going down the wrong path. Through diverse experiences, you can eventually find a direction that you both enjoy and find suitable!

3. Enhance Interpersonal Relationships, Foster Teamwork, and Leadership Skills

Participating in camps not only provides academic knowledge and hands-on experience but also teaches interpersonal skills, cultivates leadership abilities, and promotes teamwork. Additionally, camps bring together peers from all over Taiwan, allowing you to meet elite friends from different regions. After participating in various camps, you can sense the unique personalities of individuals and learn how to interact with people of different temperaments. Moreover, academic exchanges during the camps facilitate mutual learning!


The recommendations above include diverse AI artificial intelligence camps and additional suggestions for online Python learning courses. It is emphasized how participating in camps can benefit you by developing your skills and helping you establish your future direction. Hopefully, everyone can make the most of their holiday by exploring the camps and online courses that interest them. If you come across a camp or online course that piques your interest, feel free to click on the relevant information for registration!

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